Freeze-at-home Fruit Ice – Coconut + Pink Guava (5 x 65ml)

$ 6.90

Product Type: Coconut Water Ice Bar



Smooze! Fruit Ice is a freeze-at-home, tropical treat that is perfect for the whole family. Coconut is mildly sweet and mixing in the unique flavor of Pink Guava help to create an aromatic lovely combo loved by both kids and adult.

Smooze! Fruit Ice is free from dairy, nuts, artificial sweeteners and artificial colourings. We even help to portion-controlled making it a guilt-free indulgence guaranteed to delight.

Enjoy the Fruit Ice in 3 simple Steps:


Storage: Keep at Room Temperature. Before consumption, simply shake and freeze the fruit ice overnight. The recommended freezing time is 15 hours.

What’s Inside: 5 packs of 65ml Coconut + Pink Guava Fruit Ice


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