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Happy Treats Make Happy People

Smooze - Happy treats make happy people! Loved by fans all over the world since 2008, Smooze is a Gen-Z coconut ice pops brand. We aim to bring happiness via our products, which are blends of the exotic & nutritious fruits of the tropics that result in a delicious dairy-free, vegan-free, and gluten-free combination. We promise to be more than any ordinary ice pops - Be #Quirky #Natural #Adventurous #Happy, Be Smooze! 

As the generation becomes more woke and aware of their benefits, the idea of keeping a healthy diet has gained popularity. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition, which maintains and improves overall health. On the other hand, consumers are keener on vegan and allergen-free products as well, for it lowers the risks of heart disease and allergies.  

As part of nature, Smooze aims to be one of the leading brands to carry healthier products. On our journey, we discovered the best ingredient to create treats that fits the criteria - COCONUT! You will be surprised by the number of benefits you can get from coconut, it helps to improve heart health, weight loss, digestion, and many more. Because of all benefits that coconut contains, we produce products from coconut water, cultured coconut milk, coconut flesh, and real fruit juice with no artificial anything. We promise to bring treats with natural ingredients that still give you a genuine fruity taste.  

Smooze Brand Philosophy - Happy treats make happy people! 

We cherish happiness above all else. We believe that generosity and warmth are slowly diminishing in the world, and we are working on changing that. We aim to bring coconut frozen treats to inspire, to spread positivity and happiness! 

Every product in Smooze is made with coconut and natural ingredients, with the full support of our lit crew, united by the love for the world and nature. We would like people to think of us as more than any ordinary ice pops, as innovators of Gen-Z ice pops that deliver healthier options, love, and simple happiness!